The year 1879 was the beginning of Bechyn's church community with the arrival of a Czech Franciscan priest Father Honoratus Povolny. By 1882, a church was built and masses said.
However, it wasn't until 1908 that a resident priest came to the pioneering town of Bechyn, Father Wenceslous Skluzacek, a New Prague native. Soon the existing church became too small and a new one was built in 1915. A parish house followed in 1932. Today all that remains of this most pristine rural community is the church building, St. Mary's cemetery, parish house, and 4 homes.
Due to the shortage of priest, St. Mary's of Bechyn parish was closed in 1992. However, the Czech culture lived on in the hearts of the early immigrants' descendants. Today, the Swobodas, Serbus, Dworshaks, Kodets, Kohouts, Trochills, Houdeks, Wertish, Kojetins, Wohnoutkas, and many other Czech names are scattered throughout this southwestern MN area. The St. Mary's of Bechyn Preservation Committee, comprised of about 11 members, has taken it upon themselves to each year gather these Czechs around their ancestral church and community, St. Mary's of Bechyn.